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The glasses feel very sturdy and like they are able to hold up for some activity. Not really sure that this is a thing though but I have no idea if the lenses are as “polarized” as additional lenses. Overall, this is a great pair and I would buy them again. Minor things would usually only make sure they are lose a half a point (4. 5 stars) but since that’s not an option, 4.

Everything appears much more crisp. They come with a zipper case, gentle bag and micro fibers cloth. Time will show if they framed and lens hold up, but no complaints up to now. UPDATE 8-27-2015: Still loving these eyeglasses. They’re holding up well. No scratches on the lens, despite them getting placed encounter down on some surfaces. I did lose among the nose pads (little rubber pad that pushes in to the nose frame).

Plus you get a great hard case, a soft carrying bag, zoom lens towel, and a screw driver, and a great image test strip for the zoom lens. No more costly sunglasses for me, I’m sticking with the Duco brand from now on. No complaints, well aside from choosing the wrong design. I’ll most likely keep as spare and re-order another style.

The skies are covered in blue or grey or white, almost all the time. It can be demanding, driving around here, with all that glare, all that big sky, no clouds. I got these to help me cope with it and they totally help me not feel so claustrophobic on sizzling hot days where the sun and the sky is usually everywhere. I even use them while functioning outside on my computer, I literally function outside and gaze at my pc with these eyeglasses on because they are so good at reducing glare!

I know I shouldn’t expect very much from the $200 couple of Ray Bans but the quality is definitely better than the cheap sunglass I used to buy on Venice boardwalk. My true issue with these is the fit. They’re comfy but they let an excessive amount of light in at the bridge of my nose and from the sides. Because the frames are metal I could bend them in enough to filter the sides.

I purchased a pair back in June, and had them for at least six months before having issues with the lenses. The lenses sustained scrapes that were quite noticeable. I take very proper care of my own property and I have to admit, I had not been a happy camper. I take advantage of them while kayak fishing in both freshwater and salt, and upon finding the scratches, it had been rendered ineffective. That’s when I contacted Duco. Their response overwhelmed me.

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Sunglasses for men can be found online

They don’t just cut down the glare they almost eliminate it IE when the sun reflects off of a car windshield or peice of chrome it usually makes you be blinded for a few seconds, even with the darkest glasses on, but Duco lenses actually turn the blinding glare into a soft blue bright spot that makes it possible to continue to start to see the road without any major distractions.

I haven’t had the set for to terribly very long but after misplacing the initial pair I got a second. I have a pretty large head and I’ve experienced no problems with tightness. I think they appear stylish and execute a good work at blocking out sunlight for my sensitive eye. I was wary of the original reviews, because they all appeared. . . I dunno. . . inflated. The known fact is, these really are pretty great glasses for the price!

I like my new fresh sunglasses. The package that they came in worried me at first but after I experienced pulled out the carrying case and seen the problem the glasses had been in and all that they came with I was very pleased. I’ve experienced many different pairs of sunglasses but up to now ( anything can occur ) these are the very best. Thank you.

If you are having problems together with your sunglasses, my advice would be to try contacting the business directly and present them a chance to repair the problem before writing bad reviews. I’m happy I did. Overall, they are great sunglasses. I took one superstar off because of the very poor fit. Otherwise, they are actually nice sunglasses.

These are surprisingly nice! For the $25 price, I wasn’t honestly expecting much, but the minute I opened up the package, I was blown away by the quality!I cannot believe how inexpensive these eyeglasses are for the quality truly. I’d recommend them. These will end up being on the reorder list!

All in most, if you want the wrap around design and don’t want to spend 180 on a set of Oakley eyeglasses, get these. In the event that you care about what your friends think, and you feel self conscious about a little brand emblem that isn’t popular, go waste your money on a pricey pair that’s may be the same thing you buy here.

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Value Sunglasses sufficient for the purchase price 2018

The screwdriver has a phillips at once one side (why I have no idea as the sunglasses haven’t any Phillip screws but take as another extra bonus because for certain you’ve going to need an extremely small phillips mind for something later on) and a set head on the other side. If I were to state anything negative about these it could be this, I paid a little more to find the blue revco mirror lenses. An individual thing for design but also I really believe you can see better through blue lenses.

I am extremely picky about the standard of clothes and accessories that I wear, so I was a little nervous to buy this inexpensive product online – I was so pleasantly surprised by these sunglasses! They are functional and appealing, and durable enough that I can carry them around in my backpack without them warping or breaking. I am a chronic sunglasses-misplacer – these were inexpensive more than enough that I could take them areas without getting serious stress about losing them.

I read all of the great testimonials, was convinced, and bought a pair. The reviewers were right. These eyeglasses are terrific. Well-crafted, nicely crafted, excellent padding where it counts and they look extremely stylish. Includes a smooth case and a hard case with carabiner to attach to you belt or backpack. Also a micro-screwdriver in a neat keychain container. Very cool and helpful to keep theses eyeglasses well tuned. You will not regret buying theses.

Selfie is everything you call it today. So many people are looking to take selfie photos these full days just due to this reason. Another idea is to stand before the mirror and pull right along the true face contour and adjustments. You can use a lipstick for this purpose. The X Factor that adds on to your style while wearing some of the sunglasses is fairly awesome naturally. So make sure that you aren’t losing sight of the essentials when you are buying for the proper, Cheap Sunglasses online.

I honestly dont know how these arw priced so low! great quality appearance and comfort without having to break the bank that something I appriciate as a customer and they even included a low cost code for my next order. thanks I will order more tones with summer coming up soon

The polarization works quite well. The packing is well-done even. Includes a full case, lens fabric and screwdriver established. Also comes with a cute little card that demonstrates the polarization effect. easily be offered for $50, but often go for $22 or less. These are sunglasses that function actually. Not just tinted plastic. They block out quite a lot of glare from sunlight reflecting of the street and on coming automobiles.

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Polarized Eyeglasses for women and kid are amazing just

I started off with an open brain only knowing for sure I wanted brown lenses (which filter out eye strain-producing UV/Blue light far better than gray) and polarized. (Ditto for eye strain)The glasses came in a good searching, hard and roomy case for protection. Good start!

These are surprisingly nice! For the $25 price tag, I wasn’t honestly expecting much, but the full minute I opened up the package, I was blown away by the quality!I truly cannot believe how inexpensive these glasses are for the product quality. I’d recommend them. These will become on the reorder list!

He has a huge bald round mind, and usually eyeglasses are too little or don’t look good on him. The fit is wonderful on him and he appears good with them. He must like them a lot, he’s got them for over per month and he hasn’t dropped them yet. If there is anything incorrect with them, anything at all, I would have gotten an earful currently. For $25, it had been a good purchase.

Does the job. Not a substantial frame structure so you will have to take care when you use these so as not to break anything. Nonetheless it is adequate in case you are careful. That is to be expected for the purchase price. It includes a very nice heavy fabric case which has a substantial medal clip onto it to add to a belt loop or an attachment stage on a backpack. I pleased with it.

I hate writing reviews, but when i come across a company that is trying to be great really, a duty is felt by me personally to throw some terms right down to help their street cred. My only complaint will be the quirky thank you for buying our product card. It reads like anyone who has a decent grasp of the english vocabulary ( however, not great), wrote it.

Not only do they look nice, they perform extremely well also. Of training course, blocking out most light so you’re not needing to continuously squint at everything, in addition they stay very snug on your face so you are not having to constantly press them back up to allow them to work. Might I also mention, there’s almost no glare?! I highly recommend these for anyone searching for a new couple of stylish shades ?

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Smart,Value and quality. An excellent combo sunglasses

I’ve acquired polarized Oakleys and Maui Jims, both which I’ve in some way lost (damn time drinking). Didn’t need it another pair of very costly sunglasses. Found these online and took the opportunity. They are simply as good outside as my others which were way a lot more $$$. And their very comfortable, actually convenient then my Maui Jims which I could never get to fit comfortable w/o a small headache from the small arms digging into your mind no matter how much you adjusted them. And these stay put better then your Mauis so far as the nose guards go (friend has the same problem along with his Maui Jims).

I am a ball cap size 7 3/4and these eyeglasses fit properly snug enough to remain on easily with hardly any, if any outward bending/tension of the temple pieces (but also if there was the framework and hinges can handle it like We mention before). Furthermore, We often receive compliments from people who ask me what brand they are also.

Great pair of glasses – lenses are amazing and the frames experience very solid while even now being light. 2 weeks into owning them a youngster on the baseball group I coach stepped on the glasses and cracked a zoom lens. I sent Duco an email with a picture of the damage plus they had a new pair on my doorstep in 3 days – AMAZING! Between your quality of the eyeglasses themselves, the gentle and hard case that comes in the package, the adjustment device provided in the package, and just how they truly provider their warranty, this is an exceptional value and product.

Optimal degree of exposure is important for all of us. How do you want to get optimal exposure? When you see Sun to turn out after a weeklong after a poor climate in your house, you shall get the curiosity to take a Sunbath. It is very natural. Wear the right accessories if you are heading to lie down on the beach. Sunglasses of the branded kind can shield you from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. There are filter systems found in the sunglasses for this purpose.

It’s 2018, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get great quality sunglasses. These are great , they’re durable and the lenses do what they should do. I acquired these to use as a backup set so I haven’t worn them very much, but I am extremely content with this purchase

I like seeing the global world in a nice blue rather than gray, green, or brown that will be the usual other choices. These lenses aren’t true blue lenses but gray lenses with a blue mirror coating externally. Overall I price these sunglasses as a 5 and a fantastic value. Simply beware that if you are buying the blue lenses you are not going to get accurate blue lenses but blue mirror covered gray lenses.

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Great fit and quality eyeglasses

They are nice for the purchase price, mine are a little uneven however, not to the point where one can see it while wearing. They came in super fast, and i saw some social people complaining about how exactly they pack it, mine came in a solid box, inside wrapped in thick bubblewrap. They are wonderful for the price, wearing them you can show they’re not some very high quality but they are really nice, and look excellent.

The price is just a little high for the sunglasses, however they do offer you many extras that help justify the price. The hard case is very nice as is the small screwdriver. If those things are important to you, then it’s worth it for the whole package you get.

Need to admit, the “steel” colored part of the sunglasses will look cheap when viewed closely. May have looked better if it had been just black. But again then, this glasses is cheap. I am not wearing this sunglasses to impress anyone. WHEN I sent an email with their customer service on Amazon. They quickly delivered me a new pairs of ear socks for replacement for FREE.

These are polarized definitely, and light weight and sturdy. Something you would anticipate from a Maui Jim, but enter these!These are not as light weight as my Maui Jim, but that’s mainly because the lenses are very much bigger on these Ducos, and the medial side arms are about doubly thick as my Maui Jims.

Don’t get me wrong, it comes across very endearing, just like a baby owl learning to hunt, just an observation. So anyways. . . . . i HIGHLY recommend these sunglasses and feel just like this duco brand includes a bright future if indeed they keep treating their customers like the valuable endangered species they are. . . . well done!!!!!

Sunglasses filter the Ultra violet rays from inside entering. It means your eyes are protected well. If you are safeguarding your eyes from the sunlight then you can maintain greatest eyesight for long time in your life. Therefore wearing sunglasses isn’t only for style but also for your best protection also. There are thousands and thousands of models available today in the sunglasses.

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Durable Sunglasses sufficient for the purchase price until now

A very small gripe on my part may be the outside edges of the lens do not conform closely with my face, the zoom lens flare out and away from my face slightly. In my opinion they could curve in a bit more. For this reason small gap spacing/flaring issue some of the sunshine when it hits me from the medial side causes hook bright distortion to the side.

I like seeing the global world in a nice blue rather than gray, green, or brown that are the usual other options. These lenses are not true blue lenses but gray lenses with a blue mirror coating externally. Overall I rate these sunglasses as a 5 and a fantastic value. Just beware that if you’re buying the blue lenses you are not going to get true blue lenses but blue mirror coated gray lenses.

These glasses are excellent. Opened the box to visit a case with steel clip, which instantly put this product above expectations. Upon opening the full case I observe my brand-new glasses with a washing cloth, soft transporting pouch, a screw driver, and a cheesy little polarization test card. I took the sticker off the lense and cleaned them well with some rubbing alcohol really, and trekked outside.

However, I ran across these sunglasses simply because a last-ditch attempt to end going blind from sunlight during a regular day, and my attempts were rewarded. I purchased three extra pairs, to retain in storage space, in case one of these breaks. I recommend these sunglasses and it is a massive relief to put on sunglasses rather than develop head aches that last very long after removing them.

When you do that you will be going to find what you would like then. A perfect pair of great sunglasses with good frames to fit your face could be unearthed. To discover if you have an oblong countenance, circular face, square encounter or heart shaped countenance, you can take a picture.

I’ve experienced Oakleys for a long time and after my last pair broke, I made a decision to shop around for something different. Was searching at some Wiley X’s when the Duco’s popped through to Amazon. Liked the look and especially the price so I took a chance. They look great and fit nicely. Shipping was fast and customer service was excellent. I’m a person for life! Bought my 2nd pair as a present for a pal just.

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